Bo Stevens April 5th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.168 - Create Placements in bulk, use your own entity related help-url and add triggers to help your recruiters fulfill legal requirements concerning privacy

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Create Placements in bulk

For staffing companies Carerix is improving the general process gradually by adding more bulk functionalities. In this way we facilitate the processing of bigger amounts of candidates, matches and eventually placements. With this release Carerix offers the opportunity to create multiple placements with just a few clicks!

Bulk creation of placements is possible from the match overview in a job order. To create placements in bulk at least one template placement is needed.

Entity Depended Help functionality

Carerix introduces in app help functionality to be defined by the customer. With a new table in Carerix we offer the opportunity to offer an entity and tab related help/information URL. Customers now can have their own web pages linked to a tab in a Carerix file which offers the opportunity to give customized in-app help with self hosted information pages and user manuals.

How it works:

1. A new table item has been created called 'Help URL'

2. The Help URL table enables admins to attach different url's to different tabs in all entities. Per language one can give a different url, so multilingual is supported.

3. Activitating a Help URL table item results in an information icon appearing in the active tab. Clicking on the icon will open the indicated url in a new window!

Privacy Legislation: Trigger on consent date

To further improve the possibilities and opportunities to apply legal conditions with respect to privacy legislation we previously added the field to register a date for legal consent from candidates to save their perdonal information. We now introduce the possibilty to set triggers on this date. One now for example can send notifications and create tasks once the date is about to expire and renewed/additional consent is needed.

How it works:

1. Activate the privacy legislation setting in the database: Go to settings → general → usePrivacyRestrictions = YES

2. In the candidate file a new section with a new date field is added: Process and save personal information / Approval date. This field can be used to save the date on which the candidate has given his/her consent to store his/her personal information.

3. In the candidate overview a new column 'Date of consent' is added as well as a new search line. Users now are able to quickly search and filter on consent dates and in the overview the date is visible immediately.

4. In the trigger menu a new trigger can be activated. Normal trigger options are available.

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Don't Like:


  • Added interface menu icon for Mailchimp

  • Search for timesheets on "has related Opportunity" in create invoice lines wizard

  • Timesheets: hours for days before start date and after end date of placement are not filled

  • Added related records section in Match file to Configuration Profiles


  • Several Calendar Sync issues have been solved

  • Several Mailchimp issues have been solved

Bo Stevens March 21st, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.167 - Full copy of Job Orders, Anonymize archived candidates & New Configuration Profile possibilities

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Privacy Legislation: Anonymize archived candidates

Over the past year Carerix already added some new features that can help you to fullfill legal requirements for the storage of personal information. As European and national laws become more strict recruitment software needs to support recruitment agencies and corporate organisations in meeting legal requirements. We already introduced the anonymization tool. However, this tool only was available for active candidate records. We now have enabled the posibility to anonymize archived candidate records too!

If you go to your archived tab you can make a selection of candidates. Once a selection was made the Anonymize button becomes available. It is also possible to use the action menu or to anonymize when within a candidate file.

Anonymizing a candidate record will result in deleting all information that can lead to identification of the person involved: names will be reduced to just the first letter of the name, contact details are erased and also attachments will be deleted.

Please note: it might be possible the archive tab is only available for system administrators.

Create a full copy of a Job Order

Untill today the function to copy a job order only included a limited set of fields to be copied. A full copy literally is a full copy: almost everything will be copied except for uniquely job order related linked files like matches and placements. Carerix for a long time already offered the opportunity to make copies of existing job orders, but this copy includes only basic information. Contact persons, invoice information and also fields were not copied. Often it still is desirable to have this information copied, so we introduce the full copy.

Information that strictly belongs to a unique job order still will not be copied. A match is unique and a placement or publication is too. Those entities will not be copied with a full copy.

What will be copied with a full copy:

  • all fields on all tabs
  • related contact persons
  • relation with company

What will not be copied:

  • matches
  • placements
  • activities
  • publications
  • invoice lines

Please note: the old way of copying a job order still excists and is available via the new job order wizard.

Email-address validation

This release introduces a long awaited qualifier for newly entered email addresses. From now on all email addresses that are entered in Carerix should comply to the usual formats for email addresses (e.g. something@something.something, something.something@something.something something.something@something.something.something etc.)

Please note: this rule only applies for newly entered email addresses. Existing invalid email address fields will not be affected by this update. This to prevent users from being blocked by invalid (old) information.

Search on matches in a job order and set stage option: only show match stages that belong to the applicable procedure

To improve the user experience the search for matches in a job order matches tab and the set stage option (bottom matches tab in a job order file) is adapted in a way that it only shows match stages that belong to the procedure that is set in the job order. Before it showed al possible stages, also for procedures other than the current job order's procedure which did not make sense.

Configuration profile: added all options for attribute fields in all entities

To further improve the configuration profile functionality in Carerix all types of configuration (hide, read-only, required (in new-wizard) ) have been applied to additional fields in all entities.

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Don't Like:


  • NEO UI/UX - Email preview: Problem with display of logo's and other images fixed

  • LinkedInBrowser: fixed the problem of importing wrong email addresses from LinkedIn Profile page

  • Send list wizard: fixed a bug with the select all functionality which was missing

  • Configuration Profile: fixed several small bugs

Bo Stevens March 7th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.166 - Template Job Orders, additional information for activities, Configuration Profile and more...

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Copy of template Job Order: First step only shows templates of the same company

When creating a job order from a template a list of all template job orders is provided. We created an extra step in the wizard: in case there are template job orders related to the company the system first shows a list of template job orders that belong to the related company. If none is selected in the next step all template job orders in the system regardless to the related company will be shown. With this functionality update we facilitate a better user experience by providing a list of company related template job orders first. If no template job order is related to a company the full list of (all) template job orders will be shown.

Added additional fields to Notes and Meetings:

We added the additional fields option to the Notes and Meetings section of Carerix. Now it is possible to create your own additional information fields in those activity entities.

Configuration Profiles:

In tasks set fields required/hidden/read only in function of type of task

In order to further optimize your bussiness processes with(in) Carerix it now is possible to set field requirements (mandatory, hidden, read-only) in function of your type of task. Ask your system administrator for more information.

Edit 'Related records' fields in activities

To bring the related records section in meetings, tasks and notes in line with your configuration profile settings for hidden en read-only fields it now is possible to adapt the fields of the related records section like you can do for any other fields of files that are available for configuration profiles.

Note: also matches have a related record section. This will follow next month.

NEO UX/UI: New preview placements

In this release the previews for placements have been renewed

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Don't Like:


  • The Carerix logo has been erased from all calendar invite templates with .ics attachements

  • NEO UI/UX - Email Preview: added (link to) related files

  • NEO UI/UX - Email Preview: added confidentiality yes/no

  • NEO UI/UX - Size of preview screens is unlimited & saved


  • Mailchimp: update/fix to import activities into Carerix

  • NEO UI/UX: Select all for send list is restored

Bo Stevens February 21st, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.165 - LinkedIn/Xing Browser, Configuration Profiles and more...

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

LinkedIn/ Xing Browser

Carerix released a new version of its LinkedIn/Xing browser It contains the following fixes:

- Due to a small bug it was not able to deactivate the browser: fixed

- Related to the deactivating issue was the (wrong) message that the browser could not find a public profile page. This message will no longer be falsely displayed.

- In the new LinkedIn lay out it was no longer possible to scrape phone number and email address. We fixed this as well. Please note that: the user needs to click the 'Show more' link on LinkedIn to show contact details. Only if phone number and email address are visible the data can be imported into your Carerix system.

The Chrome extension will be updated automatically. You can check your version number by going to your browser settings, extensions. By checking the box (Developer mode) the button 'Update extensions now' you can manually update your browser.

Added Evaluation Tab to Companies file

It now is possible to have the evaluation tab available in the company file. To enable the tab the system administrator simply needs to add one or more table items for the table 'Evaluation Company'. Like it is for candidates and matches, it is possible to add a standard text to this table item.

Configuration profiles

Tasks are added to the configuration profile. It now is possible to hide fields, require fields or set fields read-only in a task. Meetings and Notes will follow in upcoming releases.

Candidates + contacts name: hide, set required and read only conditionally by status for seperate name fields (except surname which is by default a mandatory field).

Address fields (all entities): Set Read-Only or Required in function of status per seperate field in the address section. The entire set of address fields can be hidden in function of status.

Linking emails to related files for duplicate email addresses has changed

Carerix automatically links incoming email to existing files with the same email address as the incoming message is sent from. If there are multiple candidates and/or contacts in the database that have registered the same email address the system randomly linked messages to one of the contact or candidate files. This is undesired behaviour and we adapted this. The system now no longer automatically links a message coming in from an email address that has been registered more than one time. Instead we offer the opportunity to link the message manually to the correct file. Of course: in case the email address exists only once, the message will automatically be linked to the correct file.

User Roles & Email: limit All Sent & All Received Tabs to user office only

With this release it becomes possible to limit the all sent and all received tabs to the user office instead of all offices.

NEO UI/UX: Previews for Companies & Contacts

New previews will be implemented for companies & contacts:

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.165

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Don't Like:

New Features

  • Added 'Contains all' operator for search line Education.Education


  • Removed totals calculation for 'other' in timesheet print template


  • Name suffix issue for Belgium apps

  • Autosave Draft overwrites Sent message

  • Field conditions (mandatory/hide) in function of status or procedure do not apply before changes are being saved

  • Save Column order in Activity Tab of detail screens

  • Show colums 'Type' and Company in Task overview

Bo Stevens February 8th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.164 - New Previews and Overview Designs for NEO UX user interface & Set fields Read-only in configuration profiles

In the latest Carerix update the following topics have been released:

New Previews and Overview Designs for NEO UX user interface

For all Carerix systems operating with the NEO UX user interface Carerix is gradually introducing new preview screens and overviews to further improve the user experience. To enhance user experience the user interface is gradually changing according to Google's Material Design philosofy. In this latest update the following previews are updated:

  • Email
  • Companies
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Matches
  • Candidates
  • Job Orders
New design for candidate preview:

New design for candidate overview:

Other previews (e.g. placements, companies, contacts and leads & opportunities) will follow over the upcoming updates. Please note that in-file previews (e.g. matches tab in a candidate file or search candidates tab in a job order file) will not be updated yet.

How do I know if I have NEO UX user interface enabled?

In NEO UX user interface Carerix has changed a few things slightly. The menu and top of the screen have changed in looks and some functionality has been moved. The key changes are the quick search bar that in NEO UX is situated in the top center instead of in top of the menu on the left. Moreover, reports and dashboards links have been moved to the icons on the right of the top bar.

As an admin you can check whether you have the NEO UX user interface as follows:

1. Go to your system settings through the menu 'Settings', than go to the header 'NEO UX'

2. If you have the NEO UX user interface activated the setting 'enableUIDesign' is YES

If the setting indicates NO, one can use the button Activate to automatically transit to 'NEO UX'. The new user interface than will be available after re-login or - at the latest - after nightly restart of the systems.

Set fields Read-only in configuration profiles

As part of a bigger project related to the configuration profiles Carerix introduces the possibility to set fields read-only. By making fields read-only for all or some of your configuration profiles one can protect the functioning of interfaces and data quality.

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Don't Like:

New Features

  • Added: searchline for stagegroup in Job Order file, tab Matches

  • Added: searchline for Document ID/Number

  • Leads & Opportunities: Address details will be automatically copied from the company file - as is the case with new job orders


  • Bug fix: Anonymous joborder should remove company information from publication feeds

  • Bug fix: Missing table items in Textkernel Extraction

Bo Stevens January 24th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.163 - Roadmap: Extension of Configuration Profiles

To extend the possibilities of process implementation Carerix is focussing on the features and options in the configuration profiles. More fields can be hidden or set mandatory. Recently we added the option to make fields mandatory or hidden in relation to procedure (vacancies and candidates). During Q1 2017 we will further expand the configuration profiles and its possibilities.

The following features have been added to your Carerix configuration profile and become available from today:

All phone number fields have been made available for options to make them mandatory (also in function of status):

  • Several double fields have been added to be set required (or hidden) independent from each other (eg Functiongroup & Function)

Several double fields have been added to be set required (or hidden) independent from each other (eg Functiongroup & Function)

The list of fields that can be hidden or set mandatory in relation to their status or procedure has been extended as well.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.163

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Don't Like:

New Features

  • Template editor now available in Designer Parts


  • For Neo UX user interface new preview templates for meetings, tasks and notes are released


  • MIssing tables in Textkernel Extraction have been fixed

  • Small bugfix in new preview screen of job order: wrong display of publication text headers in job order preview

  • Malfunctioning of simple extraction service (add candidate, 1st option) for some .PDF and .docx files was fixed

Bo Stevens January 17th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.162 - New button 'Help Center' replaces the Feedback button

The Feedback button in the My Profile menu has been replaced by 'Help Center'. The help center button immediately offers the user acces to the Carerix Knowledgebase. In the Carerix knowledge base one can find a lot of information about Carerix and how to use, setup and maintain the system. If an answer cannot be found a link to a feedback form is provided. By filling the form the question or feedback is send immediately to our Customer Succes team.

Step 1: Click on the 'Help Center' button in your user menu

Step 2: Fill in your question to search the Carerix Knowledge Base

Step 3: Get your answer in the search result or do another search in the Knowledge Base.

Step 4: You did not find the answer you were looking for? By answering (clinking) the answer 'No...' on the bottom of the screen, you will be redirected to a feedback form which will be submitted to our Customor Success Team. They will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.162

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Don't Like:


  • Search Profiles supplied by system administrator no longer can be overwritten by other user roles

  • Screen Freeze when saving a new job order has been fixed

  • Malfunctioning of searching additional fields

  • Chrome plugin/LinkedInbrowser not working with new LinkedIn layout

Bo Stevens January 3rd, 2017

Update: Update: cxLinkedInbrowser

Since LinkedIn is rolling out their new user interface our cxLinkedInbrowser experienced some problems.

In a new release ( we fixed this. This new release is compatible with both versions of LinkedIn.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. Your browser plugin will check for updates automatically multiple times a day. If an update is available it will be installed automatically as well.

My LinkedInbrowser is still not working

Sometimes auto update of Google Chrome Extensions is not working, this is a known issue. If this is the case you can manually update your Google Chrome Browser plugin. To do so, take the following steps:

1. In your Chrome browser go to your Chrome extensions

save image

2. Make sure that you checked the box 'Developer mode'

save image

3. Click the button 'Update extensions now'

4. Check your extension list if your Carerix LinkedIn/Xing extension is updated to release version

5. Your LinkedInBrowser is up-to-date again! Still experience problems? Let us know via

Arco Westbroek December 27th, 2016

New Feature: Carerix Release 5.0.161 - Include/Exclude individual searchlines by snoozing instead of deleting

To improve the user experience with our Carerix search engine it becomes possible to easily leave out individual search lines temporary without having to delete them. By adding checkboxes at the end of each line a user can snooze a searchline/condition by checking the box. The search result will be adapted accordingly. Snoozed lines will be remembered by the system according to already existing functionality.


Other features, updates and bugfixes in release 5.0.161:


  • Additional fields available on the desired tab of the candidate file

  • Email preview: added to + cc to preview header

  • Job Order preview: added name of matched candidate in matches overview + tool tip with match stage

  • The field declaration type in a timesheet is enlarged


  • Fixed source tracking bug in Wordpress Plugin version 36

  • Fixed triggered e-mail on candidate created: sent twice

Arco Westbroek December 13th, 2016

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.160 - Duplicate check on email address and phone number for manually added candidates

When candidates are added manually an extra check on phone number and email address will be done. Therefore, in the new wizard those fields are added. Adding a phone number will search in all phone number fields (business, business mobile, home and home mobile).

Updated New Previews

Based on your feedback we have further improved current new preview screen. Spacing of the header and the footer of the preview is smaller. In this way we generate more space for functional information.

Other features, updates and bugfixes in release 5.0.160

New Features

  • CVMonitor ( integration for Dutch customers is in pilot


  • Added the column home mobile to the contact overview

  • Enlarged the field Diploma Title in the education section of the candidate

  • Added label name next to address fields

  • InGoedeBanen: added Publication medium to the integration for multilingual publications


  • Some additional fields gave an error when searching

  • Match previews shows incorrect age