Bo Stevens April 5th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.168 - Create Placements in bulk, use your own entity related help-url and add triggers to help your recruiters fulfill legal requirements concerning privacy

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Create Placements in bulk

For staffing companies Carerix is improving the general process gradually by adding more bulk functionalities. In this way we facilitate the processing of bigger amounts of candidates, matches and eventually placements. With this release Carerix offers the opportunity to create multiple placements with just a few clicks!

Bulk creation of placements is possible from the match overview in a job order. To create placements in bulk at least one template placement is needed.

Entity Depended Help functionality

Carerix introduces in app help functionality to be defined by the customer. With a new table in Carerix we offer the opportunity to offer an entity and tab related help/information URL. Customers now can have their own web pages linked to a tab in a Carerix file which offers the opportunity to give customized in-app help with self hosted information pages and user manuals.

How it works:

1. A new table item has been created called 'Help URL'

2. The Help URL table enables admins to attach different url's to different tabs in all entities. Per language one can give a different url, so multilingual is supported.

3. Activitating a Help URL table item results in an information icon appearing in the active tab. Clicking on the icon will open the indicated url in a new window!

Privacy Legislation: Trigger on consent date

To further improve the possibilities and opportunities to apply legal conditions with respect to privacy legislation we previously added the field to register a date for legal consent from candidates to save their perdonal information. We now introduce the possibilty to set triggers on this date. One now for example can send notifications and create tasks once the date is about to expire and renewed/additional consent is needed.

How it works:

1. Activate the privacy legislation setting in the database: Go to settings → general → usePrivacyRestrictions = YES

2. In the candidate file a new section with a new date field is added: Process and save personal information / Approval date. This field can be used to save the date on which the candidate has given his/her consent to store his/her personal information.

3. In the candidate overview a new column 'Date of consent' is added as well as a new search line. Users now are able to quickly search and filter on consent dates and in the overview the date is visible immediately.

4. In the trigger menu a new trigger can be activated. Normal trigger options are available.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.168

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Don't Like:


  • Added interface menu icon for Mailchimp

  • Search for timesheets on "has related Opportunity" in create invoice lines wizard

  • Timesheets: hours for days before start date and after end date of placement are not filled

  • Added related records section in Match file to Configuration Profiles


  • Several Calendar Sync issues have been solved

  • Several Mailchimp issues have been solved