Bo Stevens March 7th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.166 - Template Job Orders, additional information for activities, Configuration Profile and more...

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Copy of template Job Order: First step only shows templates of the same company

When creating a job order from a template a list of all template job orders is provided. We created an extra step in the wizard: in case there are template job orders related to the company the system first shows a list of template job orders that belong to the related company. If none is selected in the next step all template job orders in the system regardless to the related company will be shown. With this functionality update we facilitate a better user experience by providing a list of company related template job orders first. If no template job order is related to a company the full list of (all) template job orders will be shown.

Added additional fields to Notes and Meetings:

We added the additional fields option to the Notes and Meetings section of Carerix. Now it is possible to create your own additional information fields in those activity entities.

Configuration Profiles:

In tasks set fields required/hidden/read only in function of type of task

In order to further optimize your bussiness processes with(in) Carerix it now is possible to set field requirements (mandatory, hidden, read-only) in function of your type of task. Ask your system administrator for more information.

Edit 'Related records' fields in activities

To bring the related records section in meetings, tasks and notes in line with your configuration profile settings for hidden en read-only fields it now is possible to adapt the fields of the related records section like you can do for any other fields of files that are available for configuration profiles.

Note: also matches have a related record section. This will follow next month.

NEO UX/UI: New preview placements

In this release the previews for placements have been renewed

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.166

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Don't Like:


  • The Carerix logo has been erased from all calendar invite templates with .ics attachements

  • NEO UI/UX - Email Preview: added (link to) related files

  • NEO UI/UX - Email Preview: added confidentiality yes/no

  • NEO UI/UX - Size of preview screens is unlimited & saved


  • Mailchimp: update/fix to import activities into Carerix

  • NEO UI/UX: Select all for send list is restored