Bo Stevens February 21st, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.165 - LinkedIn/Xing Browser, Configuration Profiles and more...

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

LinkedIn/ Xing Browser

Carerix released a new version of its LinkedIn/Xing browser It contains the following fixes:

- Due to a small bug it was not able to deactivate the browser: fixed

- Related to the deactivating issue was the (wrong) message that the browser could not find a public profile page. This message will no longer be falsely displayed.

- In the new LinkedIn lay out it was no longer possible to scrape phone number and email address. We fixed this as well. Please note that: the user needs to click the 'Show more' link on LinkedIn to show contact details. Only if phone number and email address are visible the data can be imported into your Carerix system.

The Chrome extension will be updated automatically. You can check your version number by going to your browser settings, extensions. By checking the box (Developer mode) the button 'Update extensions now' you can manually update your browser.

Added Evaluation Tab to Companies file

It now is possible to have the evaluation tab available in the company file. To enable the tab the system administrator simply needs to add one or more table items for the table 'Evaluation Company'. Like it is for candidates and matches, it is possible to add a standard text to this table item.

Configuration profiles

Tasks are added to the configuration profile. It now is possible to hide fields, require fields or set fields read-only in a task. Meetings and Notes will follow in upcoming releases.

Candidates + contacts name: hide, set required and read only conditionally by status for seperate name fields (except surname which is by default a mandatory field).

Address fields (all entities): Set Read-Only or Required in function of status per seperate field in the address section. The entire set of address fields can be hidden in function of status.

Linking emails to related files for duplicate email addresses has changed

Carerix automatically links incoming email to existing files with the same email address as the incoming message is sent from. If there are multiple candidates and/or contacts in the database that have registered the same email address the system randomly linked messages to one of the contact or candidate files. This is undesired behaviour and we adapted this. The system now no longer automatically links a message coming in from an email address that has been registered more than one time. Instead we offer the opportunity to link the message manually to the correct file. Of course: in case the email address exists only once, the message will automatically be linked to the correct file.

User Roles & Email: limit All Sent & All Received Tabs to user office only

With this release it becomes possible to limit the all sent and all received tabs to the user office instead of all offices.

NEO UI/UX: Previews for Companies & Contacts

New previews will be implemented for companies & contacts:

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.165

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New Features

  • Added 'Contains all' operator for search line Education.Education


  • Removed totals calculation for 'other' in timesheet print template


  • Name suffix issue for Belgium apps

  • Autosave Draft overwrites Sent message

  • Field conditions (mandatory/hide) in function of status or procedure do not apply before changes are being saved

  • Save Column order in Activity Tab of detail screens

  • Show colums 'Type' and Company in Task overview