Bo Stevens September 19th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.181 - Add a vacancy from cxJobFeed to your Carerix system!

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.181) the following updates are included:

CxJobFeed: Add vacancies to your Carerix system!

The JobFeed integration with Carerix is enriched with the button 'add vacancy'. Pushing this button will allow you to import the job order directly in Carerix following a Carerix wizard.

If you have a JobFeed account the tab JobFeed will be available in a candidate file. The recruiter is able to start searching for suitable jobs for this particular candidate right away. The new 'add vacancy' button within CxJobFeed will allow you to let the system import the most important information into your Carerix. The candidate you started your search from will be automatically matched with the newly created job order. In the wizard that starts by clicking the button 'Add vacancy' you can easily search for existing companies and contacts or create new once, if necessary. All new Job Orders, Companies and Contact will be assigned with the source field "JobFeed", so you are easily able to retrieve what was the source of the information.

Full address field in job order

To better suit our customer, integration and interface demands the full address field as is known from candidate, contact, company and user charts is now introduced into the job order as well.

Added 'Education name' & 'Course name' to the Textkernel Split Screen

To better accomodate recruiters to immediately put in the correct information while using the Textkernel Parsing service we have added the field Education name to the Textkernel Splitscreen.

Configuration Profiles, matches & candidates: added source + comment field for read-only option

For matches and candidates we added the possibility to enable read-only configuration on the source & comments fields in the candidate and match file.

Talentpools as a stand alone entity in pilot

The advantages of creating talentpools can be numerous. They can help you stay in touch with your candidates which will help you staying on their radar as a potential employer. It strengthens candidate engagement, which will help you fulfilling your customers demand at higher speed and improved quality levels.

Over the past couple of months we have been busy creating a more sustainable form of talentpools. While you currently probably are used to using your vacancies to create talentpools, it now becomes possible to have your stand-alone talentpool entity.

With talentpools you have a clearer overview on what talentpools you have and talentpool management becomes easier as you can send emails, create tasks, notes and meetings in bulk. All activities will be linked to the talentpool and are visible in the talentpool activity tab. As usual, it is possible to add candidates and contacts to a talentpool in multiple ways. By using the talentpool stage functionality it also is possible to create a flow to monitor candidate talentpool process as you are used to with the job orders and job order matches.

During the pilot stage talentpools are available for a selected number of customers. After the pilot stage we will enroll this new functionality as a setting to your Carerix system. Carerix system administrators will be able to activate talentpools to your system. The usual user role settings are available, so when activated, per user role it can be determined if talentpools are visible or not.

The talentpool functionality will be enriched further in the near future to better suit your needs. Future development is based upon your feedback and our best practices.

Keep your eyes on the releasenotes, for the moment it will be available for you too!

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New Features

  • cxJobFeed | Add vacancy automatically from JobFeed search


  • Placement preview | added sales and purchase rate to the preview

  • Configuration profiles | added "source" and "source comment" fields to be set read-only

  • Duplicate check | is not case sensitive anymore, preventing the system from changing capitals in names automatically f.e. when a candidate applies again

  • Job order | Full address field added to the general tab

  • Textkernel CV Parsing | added the fields 'Education name' and 'Cpurse name' to the Textkernel splitscreen


  • Triggers | Fixed some bugs causing malfunctioning of triggers

  • Email addresses | Fixed a bug showing email addresses twice in the user interface

  • Community app | Fixed a bug showing wrong publication text fields

  • Previews | Removed system activities from previews

  • Search filters | Fixed a bug for the search filter 'Email address - is not empty' showing results with empty email addresses

  • Configuratin profiles | Fixed a bug with read-only and mandatory fields settings making the system block you from proceeding

  • Publications | Fixed an issue with publication refreshing showing wrong red locks in the overview

  • User interface | Fixed a bug with disappearing phone numbers after navigating from the activity tab back to the general tab