Bo Stevens May 16th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.172 - Drag & Drop and multiple attachment upload in email, disable email address editing for non-admins

Your two weekly Carerix release will be a pre-release. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.172) the following updates are included:

Drag & Drop and multiple attachment upload in E-mail

As presented in release 5.0.171 we enabled drag and drop and upload of multiple attachments at one time now also in emails. As is in the attachments tab of files one can now drag and drop (multiple) files to the attachments tab of an email too. Again Type of attachment and description can be set on the overview.

In upcoming releases we will present drag & drop of attachments in previews and drag & drop to the general tab of an email.

Placements: Condition added to the field last date --> cannot be earlier than start date

As in practice the end date of a placement never can be earlier than the start date a often heard wish was to - by default - set a qualifier to the end date of a placement. Now it is not possible any more to enter a last date that is ahead of the start date.

Security update: Disable email address editing for non admins.

Until today it was easy for any user - regardless of user role - to change email address(es) of oneself. With an extra checkbox in user role settings admins can set the email address section to read-only.

1) In user roles simply indicate whether a user with this user role should be restricted changing email addresses in 'My account' and 'User Details' or not

2) Email address editable

3) Email address non-editable

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  • Wordpress Plugin: disabled and erased the apply with LinkedIn profile page url


  • Fixed issue with CV extraction from email: user lands on candidate file after extraction

  • Fixed issue with removing LinkedIn URL's from candidate files

  • Fixed issue with owner list of job order when no creation of job orders is allowed in the applied user role

  • Fixed several Mailchimp integration issues

  • Fixed issue with LinkedIn / Xing browser setting that disables the add & update candidate profile button

  • Fixed issue with LinkedIn / Xing browser messing up first and last names in some cases

  • Fixed an issue with the Wordpress Plugin concerning ASCII encoding

  • Fixed translation issues with Wordpress Plugin and Textkernel CV Parser