Bo Stevens September 5th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.180 - Add additional fields to your desired tab & panel!

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.180) the following updates are included:

Add additional fields to desired tabs & panels

A highly demanded wish of many of our Carerix users and admins: why is it impossible to put a additional info field in a specific tab and panel? Untill today it was only possible to add the additional fields to the general tab of a particular file (except for some unique exceptions). In this Carerix release we offer you the opportunity to choose the particular tab and even panel where this additional field needs to be shown.

How it works:

1) As a system admin go to your table menu in the maintenance section of Carerix & search for the additional info field you want to re-position or add a new one

2) In the table settings, general section: define the tab and the panel you want the additional field to appear

It is not possible to add additional fields to custom tabs or panels and the fields will always be added under the existing default Carerix fields it is not possible to reshuffle the order of the default Carerix fields.

!!CAUTION: any existing configuration profile settings for additional fields that are moved to another position will be lost and require a new setup!!

Activity Status per user role

As earlier introduced for candidate statuses as per this version of Carerix it is also possible to attach statuses of activities (tasks, meetings, notes) to specific user roles. Together with the read only tag it thus becomes possible to further streamline (back office) processes and align them with internal policies or the law. It now is possible for example to lock down a task after the customer has been invoiced for it and any further future changes to the content of it are undesireable.

User roles can be chosen and ticked in the table settings of the particular status. User roles that are ticked can see and set the particular status in Carerix.

Consequently, user roles that have not been ticked in the table settings are not able to see the status and hence can not set this status. Not individually nor in bulk.

If a file is set to a status that is not available for your user role, one can not change the status anymore. If one is able to change the content of the file depends on the 'record read only tag'. If this is set, the whole record will be locked - except for the admin user role -, if it is not one can change the content, but not the status.

Of course user roles that have the possibility to set the status still will be able to change the status unless configuration profile settings prevent this.

UI/UX update: tab wrapping in previews

In previews a new tab will be introduced that wraps all tabs that do not fit the size. In this way horizontal scrolling will be abolished in previews too!

Deadline indications

Tired of looking after the deadline date of tasks and meetings in the long overviews? Too many clicks to set a search filter that immediately shows all activities with a deadline on today or with one that is already passed? In this release we introduce a coloured bullet in your activity overviews that indicates that the deadline is today (green) or (the day before) yesterday (red).

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New Features

  • Additional Fields | Add additional fields to your desired tabs & panels (default tabs only)

  • Activity status linked to user role | Make activity statuses (tasks, meetings, notes) (un)available per user role

  • Activities | In activity overviews (meetings, tasks, notes) a coloured bullet is added to immediately see if a deadline is passed or will pass soon


  • UI/UX | Tabs in previews that do not fit the screen resolution will be wrapped in an extra tab/drop down

  • Professional Portal | Added the following fields on profile tab: home number, home number suffix and course name


  • Triggers | Fixed an issue with triggers on job order statuses

  • Invoice | Fixed an issue with the header/footer of saved invoice PDF files

  • Email preview | Fixed an issue with the delete button that was unavailable

  • Internet Explorer UI | Fixed an issue with the procedure dropdown in candidate files collapsing with every click

  • Add a new candidate manually | Fixed an issue with attachment upload for manually added new candidates

  • Dashboard Leads & opportunities | Fixed an issue with the filters in the Leads & Opportunities dashboard

  • Configuration Profiles | Fixed an issue with Skills in the candidate section: if note field is hidden than skills should still show

  • Document Type of Attachment | Fixed an issue with document type of attachments not showing when 'not for web'-checkbox was ticked while they should show

  • Textkernel | Fixed an issue with Textkernel CV extraction giving an error when trying to parse education name and course name

  • RPO Portal | Fixed an issue with matching candidates from a talentpool

  • Professional Portal | Fixed an issue on duplicating, saving or updating fields if other fields are switched off in settings