Bo Stevens July 11th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.176 - Search for candidate groups in matchoverviews, CxJobfeed, Portals update and more...

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.176) the following updates are included:

Search for candidate groups in matchoverviews

It now is possible to search on candidate groups in the different matches overviews.

New setting: enable invoicing ignoring the invoice period

For practical purposes it now is possible to enable a setting that disables your invoice period limitations. Invoice periods in Carerix help your backoffice to respect all given invoice periods that can be set in the placement. If the week, 4 weeks or month have not finished yet it is not possible to create invoicelines from your timesheets and hence it is not possible to create invoices. In this way one cannot send invoices too early disrespecting the commercial agreements with your customers.

Sometimes, however, it is desired that invoices can be send before the week or month has finished. Enabling this setting disables the functioning of invoiceperiods and the protection on your invoice process. Enabling this setting thus will make it possible to create invoicelines and invoices at any time for any given invoiceperiod.

Note: it is not yet possible to have invoice protection on for the one invoiceperiod and off for the other. It is adviced to use your invoice periods with the ignoreinvoiceperiod-setting swithched off (NO).

CxJobfeed: added possibility to change target country

To better suit companies with cross border offices in Germany, the Netherlands and/or Belgium we have enabled multi-country settings for JobFeed. In this way it is possible to give individual users in one given Carerix application acces to either the German, the Dutch or the Belgian JobFeed. It also is possible to set one of the JobFeed environments for the entire system.

How does it work?

As a system administrator: go to your settings menu and search for the CxJobFeed fieldset.

Selecting the German, Dutch or Belgian JobFeed environment results in having this environment set for all users in the system except for those who have set a different environment in their user account.

To set a different JobFeed environment for an individual user, go to the user menu and search for the particular user(s) you want to give a different JobFeed environment. In the user chart you will find the above displayed tables in the additional information section.

In the list select the appropriate JobFeed environment. This environment applies now for this user and overrules the general setting:

Please note: JobFeed is an additional module for your Carerix system. If you want more information on JobFeed and its terms, please contact your accountmanager.

REST API: additional fields enabled to save multiple values in XML API

Carerix for quite some time already offers the possibility to create your own tables in most sections of the system. In this way it is possible to create better shaped fields with your own designed labels that better fit your organisations processes. These so called additional info fields or additional attribute fields are also accessible through our REST API. Untill today it was not possible to save multiple values of those attribute fields that consist of an array or list. We fixed this in this release so it now is possible to save multiple values in arrays. For more information, please check - or let check by your web developer - our Rest API documentation.

Improvements on UI for low to mid resolutions

We adapted the user interface for low to mid resolutions in this way that there is less white spacing, smaller buttons and smaller rows resulting in more work space for the recruiter.

Carerix Portals update, visible and required profile fields in your professional portal

Last Friday (7-7) a new release of our portals has been deployed. Apart from some translation bugs;

- we have fixed an issue with archived timesheets/placements unintendedly displaying in the professional portal

- we improved and eased the way we can adjust the personal profile for professionals that is visible after their login.

- we enabled the possibility to fill future timesheets (f.e. to register future Holiday hours)

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.176

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New Features

  • Professional portal: New option to Fill in timesheets in the future (for example to register future holiday hours)


  • Created an easy way to restore the access token for Mailchimp after the XML password changed


  • Professional portal: Added translations for email address labels within candidate profile

  • Professional portal: Portal shows hours for finished and archived placement

  • Professional portal: Added translations for months dropdown within timesheets

  • Client portal: Total amount of hours contains kilometers

  • LinkedInbrowser Fixed an issue with middle names being added to the first name instead of the surname field for international apps

  • User interface Fixed an issue with color settings changing unintendedly when changing offices through additional roles

  • Fixed a small bug with the source of a job order that - in some specific scenario's - could not be saved

  • User interface Fixed an issue with color settings changing unintendedly when switching offices/additional user profiles

  • E-mail settings fixed a bug with the email password after changing any email settings in 'My account'/User settings