Releases involving Arco Westbroek

Bo Stevens October 3rd, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.182 - Updates for JobFeed and Candidate attachments!

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.182) the following updates are included:

Measure Carerix placements as goals with Google Analytics

It becomes possible to measure your placements as goals with Google Analytics! By adding tracking codes to a match (the apply tag and the apply source) and a custom setup of triggers and document templates the creation of a placement can be shown in your Analytics dashboard. Now it is possible to track down the ultimate source of a placement and better measure your recruitment channels, job boards and websites.

We are looking for pilot customers to test and further refine this functionality. Interested? Please contact for more information!

JobFeed: add your own synonyms

To further improve your JobFeed functionality we enabled the option to enter your own synonyms to better specify your job searched through Jobfeed

Searchlines for candidate attachments

With new searchlines to filter candidate attachments one will be able to find those candidates that have outdated cv's and with the possibility to exclude files on their name it becomes much easier to extract relevant candidate information. Valuable to check if your candidate information is up to date and to check if you are storing outdated information you should get rid off to be GDPR compliant.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.182

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  • Candidates / Education | added a field for country

  • JobFeed | Add your own synonyms to your JobFeed environment

  • Talentpools (Pilot!) | Search talentpool matches for candidates from the job order/candidate search

  • Candidate Attachments | new searchlines for candidate attachments: creation date & name


  • Print templates in portals | Fixed an autorisation failure issue

  • Quick Search | Fixed an issue with quick search navigating to your dashboards or email overview

  • Vacatureverbeteraar | Fixed an issue with Vacatureverbeteraar not showing in Carerix

  • Archiving job orders | Fixed an issue that throws exceptions in some edge cases when archiving a job order

  • CV Preview | Fixed an issue with LinkedIn CV's showing ugly pieces of code in the preview

  • My Carerix mobile app | Fixed an LDAP related issue that prevent users from logging on to the my Carerix Mobile application

  • Job order | Fixed an issue with adding a contact of a 2nd company in the job order causing an exception

Bo Stevens September 19th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.181 - Add a vacancy from cxJobFeed to your Carerix system!

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.181) the following updates are included:

CxJobFeed: Add vacancies to your Carerix system!

The JobFeed integration with Carerix is enriched with the button 'add vacancy'. Pushing this button will allow you to import the job order directly in Carerix following a Carerix wizard.

If you have a JobFeed account the tab JobFeed will be available in a candidate file. The recruiter is able to start searching for suitable jobs for this particular candidate right away. The new 'add vacancy' button within CxJobFeed will allow you to let the system import the most important information into your Carerix. The candidate you started your search from will be automatically matched with the newly created job order. In the wizard that starts by clicking the button 'Add vacancy' you can easily search for existing companies and contacts or create new once, if necessary. All new Job Orders, Companies and Contact will be assigned with the source field "JobFeed", so you are easily able to retrieve what was the source of the information.

Full address field in job order

To better suit our customer, integration and interface demands the full address field as is known from candidate, contact, company and user charts is now introduced into the job order as well.

Added 'Education name' & 'Course name' to the Textkernel Split Screen

To better accomodate recruiters to immediately put in the correct information while using the Textkernel Parsing service we have added the field Education name to the Textkernel Splitscreen.

Configuration Profiles, matches & candidates: added source + comment field for read-only option

For matches and candidates we added the possibility to enable read-only configuration on the source & comments fields in the candidate and match file.

Talentpools as a stand alone entity in pilot

The advantages of creating talentpools can be numerous. They can help you stay in touch with your candidates which will help you staying on their radar as a potential employer. It strengthens candidate engagement, which will help you fulfilling your customers demand at higher speed and improved quality levels.

Over the past couple of months we have been busy creating a more sustainable form of talentpools. While you currently probably are used to using your vacancies to create talentpools, it now becomes possible to have your stand-alone talentpool entity.

With talentpools you have a clearer overview on what talentpools you have and talentpool management becomes easier as you can send emails, create tasks, notes and meetings in bulk. All activities will be linked to the talentpool and are visible in the talentpool activity tab. As usual, it is possible to add candidates and contacts to a talentpool in multiple ways. By using the talentpool stage functionality it also is possible to create a flow to monitor candidate talentpool process as you are used to with the job orders and job order matches.

During the pilot stage talentpools are available for a selected number of customers. After the pilot stage we will enroll this new functionality as a setting to your Carerix system. Carerix system administrators will be able to activate talentpools to your system. The usual user role settings are available, so when activated, per user role it can be determined if talentpools are visible or not.

The talentpool functionality will be enriched further in the near future to better suit your needs. Future development is based upon your feedback and our best practices.

Keep your eyes on the releasenotes, for the moment it will be available for you too!

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.181

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New Features

  • cxJobFeed | Add vacancy automatically from JobFeed search


  • Placement preview | added sales and purchase rate to the preview

  • Configuration profiles | added "source" and "source comment" fields to be set read-only

  • Duplicate check | is not case sensitive anymore, preventing the system from changing capitals in names automatically f.e. when a candidate applies again

  • Job order | Full address field added to the general tab

  • Textkernel CV Parsing | added the fields 'Education name' and 'Cpurse name' to the Textkernel splitscreen


  • Triggers | Fixed some bugs causing malfunctioning of triggers

  • Email addresses | Fixed a bug showing email addresses twice in the user interface

  • Community app | Fixed a bug showing wrong publication text fields

  • Previews | Removed system activities from previews

  • Search filters | Fixed a bug for the search filter 'Email address - is not empty' showing results with empty email addresses

  • Configuratin profiles | Fixed a bug with read-only and mandatory fields settings making the system block you from proceeding

  • Publications | Fixed an issue with publication refreshing showing wrong red locks in the overview

  • User interface | Fixed a bug with disappearing phone numbers after navigating from the activity tab back to the general tab

Bo Stevens September 5th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.180 - Add additional fields to your desired tab & panel!

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.180) the following updates are included:

Add additional fields to desired tabs & panels

A highly demanded wish of many of our Carerix users and admins: why is it impossible to put a additional info field in a specific tab and panel? Untill today it was only possible to add the additional fields to the general tab of a particular file (except for some unique exceptions). In this Carerix release we offer you the opportunity to choose the particular tab and even panel where this additional field needs to be shown.

How it works:

1) As a system admin go to your table menu in the maintenance section of Carerix & search for the additional info field you want to re-position or add a new one

2) In the table settings, general section: define the tab and the panel you want the additional field to appear

It is not possible to add additional fields to custom tabs or panels and the fields will always be added under the existing default Carerix fields it is not possible to reshuffle the order of the default Carerix fields.

!!CAUTION: any existing configuration profile settings for additional fields that are moved to another position will be lost and require a new setup!!

Activity Status per user role

As earlier introduced for candidate statuses as per this version of Carerix it is also possible to attach statuses of activities (tasks, meetings, notes) to specific user roles. Together with the read only tag it thus becomes possible to further streamline (back office) processes and align them with internal policies or the law. It now is possible for example to lock down a task after the customer has been invoiced for it and any further future changes to the content of it are undesireable.

User roles can be chosen and ticked in the table settings of the particular status. User roles that are ticked can see and set the particular status in Carerix.

Consequently, user roles that have not been ticked in the table settings are not able to see the status and hence can not set this status. Not individually nor in bulk.

If a file is set to a status that is not available for your user role, one can not change the status anymore. If one is able to change the content of the file depends on the 'record read only tag'. If this is set, the whole record will be locked - except for the admin user role -, if it is not one can change the content, but not the status.

Of course user roles that have the possibility to set the status still will be able to change the status unless configuration profile settings prevent this.

UI/UX update: tab wrapping in previews

In previews a new tab will be introduced that wraps all tabs that do not fit the size. In this way horizontal scrolling will be abolished in previews too!

Deadline indications

Tired of looking after the deadline date of tasks and meetings in the long overviews? Too many clicks to set a search filter that immediately shows all activities with a deadline on today or with one that is already passed? In this release we introduce a coloured bullet in your activity overviews that indicates that the deadline is today (green) or (the day before) yesterday (red).

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.180

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New Features

  • Additional Fields | Add additional fields to your desired tabs & panels (default tabs only)

  • Activity status linked to user role | Make activity statuses (tasks, meetings, notes) (un)available per user role

  • Activities | In activity overviews (meetings, tasks, notes) a coloured bullet is added to immediately see if a deadline is passed or will pass soon


  • UI/UX | Tabs in previews that do not fit the screen resolution will be wrapped in an extra tab/drop down

  • Professional Portal | Added the following fields on profile tab: home number, home number suffix and course name


  • Triggers | Fixed an issue with triggers on job order statuses

  • Invoice | Fixed an issue with the header/footer of saved invoice PDF files

  • Email preview | Fixed an issue with the delete button that was unavailable

  • Internet Explorer UI | Fixed an issue with the procedure dropdown in candidate files collapsing with every click

  • Add a new candidate manually | Fixed an issue with attachment upload for manually added new candidates

  • Dashboard Leads & opportunities | Fixed an issue with the filters in the Leads & Opportunities dashboard

  • Configuration Profiles | Fixed an issue with Skills in the candidate section: if note field is hidden than skills should still show

  • Document Type of Attachment | Fixed an issue with document type of attachments not showing when 'not for web'-checkbox was ticked while they should show

  • Textkernel | Fixed an issue with Textkernel CV extraction giving an error when trying to parse education name and course name

  • RPO Portal | Fixed an issue with matching candidates from a talentpool

  • Professional Portal | Fixed an issue on duplicating, saving or updating fields if other fields are switched off in settings

Bo Stevens August 22nd, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.179 - Attach a user to multiple offices, confidential placements, UI improvements & changed IMAP (setup) settings

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.179) the following updates are included:

Add multiple offices to a user account

To better facilitate organisations that work with multiple Carerix-offices in their needs for user role permissions, we introduce the possibility to attach multiple offices to a single user. In this way it becomes possible to see the candidates, offices and other files of multiple offices. If the user role restricts the user to only view items of the own office all items of the officies that are ticked as an additional office in the user account, will be shown.

Note: As of this release it is only possible to view files from other offices. It is not yet possible to create, edit or archive/delete files for additional offices.

Make placements confidential

By popular demand Carerix is offering the opportunity to make placements confidential. This means that once the confidential checkbox is ticked, the file is only visible for the owner of the file and - optionally - for indicated user roles. For candidates, job orders, matches as well as for email this option is already available for a longer period of time.

User interface improvements: introduction of tab-wrapping

Last sprint we announced the new previews to be available in the detail screens soon. We will start with a selection of customers from today and roll out generally in two weeks. The next step we take is the introduction of a drop-down tab that groups all tabs that do not fit your screen resolution. In this way we can abolish horizontal scrolling and improve the user experience a little further. During the first step of the implementation this tab is only available for the general menu overviews. During the upcoming two weeks we will start implementing new UI for grids and headers in detailscreens. Once this is implemted the tab wrapping will be in place in the detail screens as well.

IMAP Settings: disabled automatic folder selection and enabled the option to stop synchronizing a particular folder

For IMAP we disabled the automatically filled folders to be synchronized. As a user or admin you need to set folders that need to be synchronized manually during first set up. Additionally it now is possible to select an empty value which - once selected and saved - stops the synchronization of that particular folder.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.179

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New Features

  • Placements | added the possibility to make placements confidential

  • Users | added the possibility to attach users to multiple offices, regardless of hierarchy

  • Candidate Email address | added a setting which disables the Carerix application from allowing a user to create/add more than one email address to a candidate file


  • NEO UI/UX | introduction of the 'More...' button abandoning horizontal scrolling in Carerix

  • Starred | Make sender of emails dependent on file owners (f.e. owner of activity or owner of placement)

  • Activity Report | added lead stages, opportunity stages and talentpool stages as countable entities in the Activity Report

  • Job Order / Triggers | added a trigger to adjust the job order status when the number of successfully closed matches equals the number of job openings

  • Candidate date of consent | added configuration profile options to set this field to read-only or make it mandatory

  • MergePDF | added support for latest PDF versions

  • Job Orders | Filter on company number to see all job orders of a company

  • IMAP Settings | Select no folder now is supported to stop folder sync and automatic selection of folders to be synced is disabled

  • All portals | Upload of Image files like .JPG, .JPEG & .PNG now is supported

  • Professional Portal | An error message will be shown if a candidate wants to create a timesheet which is not available (due to placement settings f.e.)

  • Client Portal | Candidate last name is shown in the job order detail matches section - if anonymous setting is turned off

  • Client Portal | Added week numbers to the time sheet overview page


  • Times sheets / Invoice lines | fixed an issue with timesheets not clearing from 'create invoice lines wizard' after creating invoice lines

  • CX5 Dashboard | fixed the link to 'all job orders' which was wrongly routed to 'all matches'

  • Dashboard Fasenbewaking (Dutch only) | fixed an issue with the column 'Gewerkt' which was limited to 50 weeks. This limit has been abolished.

  • Calendar invitations | fixed an issue with .ICS attachments send from Outlook which had missing buttons to accept or deny the invitations

  • LinkedIn Browser | Fixed two issues with phone numbers wrongly imported when updating a candidate from the browser and an issue with LinkedIn profiles that are linked to the wrong candidate in Carerix

  • Configuration Profiles | fixed an issue with wrong behaviour of fields after applying configuration

  • Professional Portal | Fixed an issue with wrong date notation of courses on the Education tab

  • RPO Portal | Fixed an issue with the talentpool search/filter which was broken

  • Client Portal | Issue with the dashboard hours to be approved (week) total hours column containing expenses and kilometres has been fixed

  • All portals | Changed max length for passwords from 20 to 200 characters

  • All portals | Fixed an issue with uploading files with extensions written in capitals (e.g. .PDF instead of .pdf)

  • Email preview | fixed an issue with the quick action button to delete an e-mail while I do not have permissions to do so

  • Read-Only setting | fixed the issue that made email address and street invisible when user has read-only rights to a certain file

Bo Stevens August 8th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.178 - Introduction of the - succesfully closed - match counter, updates for the full copy of a job order functionality & bulk creation of placements

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.178) the following updates are included:

Job Order: added a match counter to see how many openings have been (successfully) filled

The field job openings exists for quite a while in a Carerix job order. Untill today, this field has been nothing more than an adminitrative opportunity to list the number of candidates you are looking for. With this release we introduce a counter next to the job openings field that will show how many matches are successfully filled. The counting is possible by marking the match stages that correspond with a succesfully closed application procedure. With the counter, it becomes easier to track the number of candidates that have been placed. Especially for high volume recruitment organisations, but in general for all job orders where you are looking for more than one suitable candidates.

In future releases this functionality will be further expanded with trigger opportunities to further improve your internal processes.

Note that some basic setup by the system administrator is needed to make the counter work.

How this works:

1) As an admin go to your match stages menu and open a matchstage that represents a successful closure/placement within your recruitment process (of course this can be multiple stages too).

2) See that within the stage settings a new option is created via an extra check box. Tick this box for those stages that represent a succesfully finished apllication/ selection procedure.

3) Now see that the counter will count the number of matches with a stage that is marked as succesfully finished.

Default Status for full copy of a job order

Previously Carerix introduced the Full Copy button in a Job Order. With this button a user is able to immediately create a full copy of most information in the Job Order - except for Job Order specific (activity) information: matches and activities are not copied along. The full copy duplicated the status as well. As this is undesired behaviour as per this new Carerix version a (Full) copy of a job order will have the systems default status.

Create placements in bulk improved with wizard

Last spring we introduced the possibility to create multiple placements in just a few clicks by selecting the candidates/matches and applying the 'create placements...' bulk action. This new feature relied entirely on the existence of placement templates in the system. As those templates have to be available per company, the work process became too cumbersome. With this release we enable the opportunity to create a placement from scratch by offering the new placement wizard as you already know it from single placement creation.

Added filter lines to most multiple options list

To better facilitate searching in most default (long) lists in Carerix a text search/filter option is added. This makes it easier to filter those lines you are looking for! Note: not for additional info fields

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.178

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New Features

  • Match counter counts your number of succesfully finished matches


  • Neo UI introduced the new previews in the detail screens

  • Full copy of a job order now does not copy along the current status but uses the system's default status instead

  • Matches added searchlines and columns for Candidate Region and Candidate job title in the matches menu and tabs

  • Security Updates we applied various security improvements

  • Bulk creation of placements now offers the possibility to create multiple placements from scratch - without useing a placement template

  • cxSearch! previously we introduced the setting to switch off search and filter options for gender and age in the candidate overviews. This setting now also includes the search/filter options for cxSearch!


  • Neo UI fixed a bug related to the color settings of the Carerix interface, implemented an extra check on valid color code

  • Thalento fixed a bug with regard to automatically send emails to wrong email address.

Bo Stevens July 11th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.176 - Search for candidate groups in matchoverviews, CxJobfeed, Portals update and more...

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.176) the following updates are included:

Search for candidate groups in matchoverviews

It now is possible to search on candidate groups in the different matches overviews.

New setting: enable invoicing ignoring the invoice period

For practical purposes it now is possible to enable a setting that disables your invoice period limitations. Invoice periods in Carerix help your backoffice to respect all given invoice periods that can be set in the placement. If the week, 4 weeks or month have not finished yet it is not possible to create invoicelines from your timesheets and hence it is not possible to create invoices. In this way one cannot send invoices too early disrespecting the commercial agreements with your customers.

Sometimes, however, it is desired that invoices can be send before the week or month has finished. Enabling this setting disables the functioning of invoiceperiods and the protection on your invoice process. Enabling this setting thus will make it possible to create invoicelines and invoices at any time for any given invoiceperiod.

Note: it is not yet possible to have invoice protection on for the one invoiceperiod and off for the other. It is adviced to use your invoice periods with the ignoreinvoiceperiod-setting swithched off (NO).

CxJobfeed: added possibility to change target country

To better suit companies with cross border offices in Germany, the Netherlands and/or Belgium we have enabled multi-country settings for JobFeed. In this way it is possible to give individual users in one given Carerix application acces to either the German, the Dutch or the Belgian JobFeed. It also is possible to set one of the JobFeed environments for the entire system.

How does it work?

As a system administrator: go to your settings menu and search for the CxJobFeed fieldset.

Selecting the German, Dutch or Belgian JobFeed environment results in having this environment set for all users in the system except for those who have set a different environment in their user account.

To set a different JobFeed environment for an individual user, go to the user menu and search for the particular user(s) you want to give a different JobFeed environment. In the user chart you will find the above displayed tables in the additional information section.

In the list select the appropriate JobFeed environment. This environment applies now for this user and overrules the general setting:

Please note: JobFeed is an additional module for your Carerix system. If you want more information on JobFeed and its terms, please contact your accountmanager.

REST API: additional fields enabled to save multiple values in XML API

Carerix for quite some time already offers the possibility to create your own tables in most sections of the system. In this way it is possible to create better shaped fields with your own designed labels that better fit your organisations processes. These so called additional info fields or additional attribute fields are also accessible through our REST API. Untill today it was not possible to save multiple values of those attribute fields that consist of an array or list. We fixed this in this release so it now is possible to save multiple values in arrays. For more information, please check - or let check by your web developer - our Rest API documentation.

Improvements on UI for low to mid resolutions

We adapted the user interface for low to mid resolutions in this way that there is less white spacing, smaller buttons and smaller rows resulting in more work space for the recruiter.

Carerix Portals update, visible and required profile fields in your professional portal

Last Friday (7-7) a new release of our portals has been deployed. Apart from some translation bugs;

- we have fixed an issue with archived timesheets/placements unintendedly displaying in the professional portal

- we improved and eased the way we can adjust the personal profile for professionals that is visible after their login.

- we enabled the possibility to fill future timesheets (f.e. to register future Holiday hours)

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.176

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New Features

  • Professional portal: New option to Fill in timesheets in the future (for example to register future holiday hours)


  • Created an easy way to restore the access token for Mailchimp after the XML password changed


  • Professional portal: Added translations for email address labels within candidate profile

  • Professional portal: Portal shows hours for finished and archived placement

  • Professional portal: Added translations for months dropdown within timesheets

  • Client portal: Total amount of hours contains kilometers

  • LinkedInbrowser Fixed an issue with middle names being added to the first name instead of the surname field for international apps

  • User interface Fixed an issue with color settings changing unintendedly when changing offices through additional roles

  • Fixed a small bug with the source of a job order that - in some specific scenario's - could not be saved

  • User interface Fixed an issue with color settings changing unintendedly when switching offices/additional user profiles

  • E-mail settings fixed a bug with the email password after changing any email settings in 'My account'/User settings

Bo Stevens June 27th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.175 - All phone numbers in previews & improved attachment linking from emails

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-releasenote. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.175) the following updates are included:

In previews all type of phone numbers are visible

By popular demand we re-introduced the display of all types of phone (and fax) numbers in the previews of the contact, the candidate, the company and the match. If a phone number is filled, it will be shown in the preview. Empty fields will not be displayed.

Linking of attachments from email has changed

It is possible now to link your attachments directly to any related record. Previously this was only possible for candidate and contact files. Additionaly one can immediately see to which records the attachment is already linked by the display of the corresponding icons.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.175

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  • Added a setting to lock down candidate login to the Carerix application


  • Fixed an issue with translations in new placement wizard

  • Fixed an issue with activities not being copied when using job order templates

  • Fixed an issue with daily triggers not being triggered or triggered twice

  • Fixed several issues for the mailchimp integration

  • Fixed an issue with the (company) url in the previews

  • Fixed an issue the preview pane in the candidate tab of the company overview (wrong preview was shown)

  • Fixed an issue with (candidate) status color indication in a.o. matches overview and email overview

Arco Westbroek May 4th, 2017

Update: Carerix Portal 1.4.3 update, ​visible and required profile fields in your professional portal

From now on you can change them yourself!

Make profile fields in your professional portal visible and required in settings. See example:

Other portal updates and bugfixes:


  • Icons logout menu in translations

  • Community function1 as function title and removed mobile number


  • Timesheet status fix fetch datanodes by tag

  • Advanced profile required email, required skills, number in years

  • Password forgotten mail to email not to username

  • URL behind logo left in client portal

  • Save address escaped character, stripslashes

Arco Westbroek May 2nd, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.171 - Drag & drop attachments, preview update, Linkedin/Xing browser combine middle name with surname

Your two weekly Carerix release will be a pre-release. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.171) the following updates are included:

Drag & drop attachments

Yes we did it. You can now drag & drop attachments or browse and upload multiple files in detail screens.

Set type and edit descriptions are available in the attachment overviews.

We started with detail screens and will add drag & drop to email attachments and previews in the coming releases.


All candidate and email previews are updated to the new layout.

Linkedin / Xing browser

If you have switched off Middle name fields for Candidates and Contacts you are now able to do that with the Linkedin / Xing browser.
If YES: Middle name is combined with Surname field
If NO: Middle name is put in the Middle name field (default)

Set records read only for integrations

If you want to interface your companies and contacts with another application you want them read only in Carerix and editable via Carerix API's. In this release we added Status tags to table items for all statuses. For example you can set RecordReadOnlyTags to specific Company and Contactperson statuses (only administrators can change the status).

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.171

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  • LDAP is extended with IsSecure option, LDAPS

  • Improved Calendar Sync infrastructure for higher volumes

  • Support Accept/Decline calendar invites for ICS file from Exchange/Office365


  • MailChimp opt-out sync issue

  • Thalento error when opening a candidate profile

  • No text line breaks issue in new previews

Arco Westbroek April 18th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.170 - International search for distance home-work location, translation module and primary email address

In this Carerix Release (5.0.170) the following updates are included:

International search for distance home-work location

The new functionality enables the majority of our international customers to search on distance between postal codes. Also for Dutch customers that operate in border areas it becomes possible to search for candidates, job orders or companies cross border.

Old situation, only with portal code:

New situation, postal code and country:

For more information you can use this knowledge base article.

Translations module

It's possible to change Carerix label names like Job order or Candidates in Vacancy or Professionals. This will help adopt Carerix even better because it reflects your name philosophy.

In the Default tab you see all existing label names. If you want to change 1 name you can copy the Default, after that it will be visible in the Custom tab and you are able to change it for each system language
Note: when finished changing please use Apply translations button to update your Carerix and make the changes visible for all users.

Primary email address

What to do when a candidate has several email addresses or a freelancer with home and work email addresses and they prefer to receive emails on 1 specific email address?

From now on you can set 1 primary email address for a candidate or contact.

Note: this will overrule the email template settings like use home email, work or other. It will always use the primary email address when 1 is selected (if none selected it will use email template settings).

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.170

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  • For Dutch customers who are using CVMonitor we added new CVMonitor dashboard for a complete overview of outstanding requests


  • Check 'use visiting address' in New Company Wizard does not fill invoice and email address

  • LinkedIn Browser name prefixes in first name field, phone number used from similar profiles

Bo Stevens April 5th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.168 - Create Placements in bulk, use your own entity related help-url and add triggers to help your recruiters fulfill legal requirements concerning privacy

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Create Placements in bulk

For staffing companies Carerix is improving the general process gradually by adding more bulk functionalities. In this way we facilitate the processing of bigger amounts of candidates, matches and eventually placements. With this release Carerix offers the opportunity to create multiple placements with just a few clicks!

Bulk creation of placements is possible from the match overview in a job order. To create placements in bulk at least one template placement is needed.

Entity Depended Help functionality

Carerix introduces in app help functionality to be defined by the customer. With a new table in Carerix we offer the opportunity to offer an entity and tab related help/information URL. Customers now can have their own web pages linked to a tab in a Carerix file which offers the opportunity to give customized in-app help with self hosted information pages and user manuals.

How it works:

1. A new table item has been created called 'Help URL'

2. The Help URL table enables admins to attach different url's to different tabs in all entities. Per language one can give a different url, so multilingual is supported.

3. Activitating a Help URL table item results in an information icon appearing in the active tab. Clicking on the icon will open the indicated url in a new window!

Privacy Legislation: Trigger on consent date

To further improve the possibilities and opportunities to apply legal conditions with respect to privacy legislation we previously added the field to register a date for legal consent from candidates to save their perdonal information. We now introduce the possibilty to set triggers on this date. One now for example can send notifications and create tasks once the date is about to expire and renewed/additional consent is needed.

How it works:

1. Activate the privacy legislation setting in the database: Go to settings → general → usePrivacyRestrictions = YES

2. In the candidate file a new section with a new date field is added: Process and save personal information / Approval date. This field can be used to save the date on which the candidate has given his/her consent to store his/her personal information.

3. In the candidate overview a new column 'Date of consent' is added as well as a new search line. Users now are able to quickly search and filter on consent dates and in the overview the date is visible immediately.

4. In the trigger menu a new trigger can be activated. Normal trigger options are available.

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Don't Like:


  • Added interface menu icon for Mailchimp

  • Search for timesheets on "has related Opportunity" in create invoice lines wizard

  • Timesheets: hours for days before start date and after end date of placement are not filled

  • Added related records section in Match file to Configuration Profiles


  • Several Calendar Sync issues have been solved

  • Several Mailchimp issues have been solved

Bo Stevens March 7th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.166 - Template Job Orders, additional information for activities, Configuration Profile and more...

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Copy of template Job Order: First step only shows templates of the same company

When creating a job order from a template a list of all template job orders is provided. We created an extra step in the wizard: in case there are template job orders related to the company the system first shows a list of template job orders that belong to the related company. If none is selected in the next step all template job orders in the system regardless to the related company will be shown. With this functionality update we facilitate a better user experience by providing a list of company related template job orders first. If no template job order is related to a company the full list of (all) template job orders will be shown.

Added additional fields to Notes and Meetings:

We added the additional fields option to the Notes and Meetings section of Carerix. Now it is possible to create your own additional information fields in those activity entities.

Configuration Profiles:

In tasks set fields required/hidden/read only in function of type of task

In order to further optimize your bussiness processes with(in) Carerix it now is possible to set field requirements (mandatory, hidden, read-only) in function of your type of task. Ask your system administrator for more information.

Edit 'Related records' fields in activities

To bring the related records section in meetings, tasks and notes in line with your configuration profile settings for hidden en read-only fields it now is possible to adapt the fields of the related records section like you can do for any other fields of files that are available for configuration profiles.

Note: also matches have a related record section. This will follow next month.

NEO UX/UI: New preview placements

In this release the previews for placements have been renewed

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Don't Like:


  • The Carerix logo has been erased from all calendar invite templates with .ics attachements

  • NEO UI/UX - Email Preview: added (link to) related files

  • NEO UI/UX - Email Preview: added confidentiality yes/no

  • NEO UI/UX - Size of preview screens is unlimited & saved


  • Mailchimp: update/fix to import activities into Carerix

  • NEO UI/UX: Select all for send list is restored

Bo Stevens February 21st, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.165 - LinkedIn/Xing Browser, Configuration Profiles and more...

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

LinkedIn/ Xing Browser

Carerix released a new version of its LinkedIn/Xing browser It contains the following fixes:

- Due to a small bug it was not able to deactivate the browser: fixed

- Related to the deactivating issue was the (wrong) message that the browser could not find a public profile page. This message will no longer be falsely displayed.

- In the new LinkedIn lay out it was no longer possible to scrape phone number and email address. We fixed this as well. Please note that: the user needs to click the 'Show more' link on LinkedIn to show contact details. Only if phone number and email address are visible the data can be imported into your Carerix system.

The Chrome extension will be updated automatically. You can check your version number by going to your browser settings, extensions. By checking the box (Developer mode) the button 'Update extensions now' you can manually update your browser.

Added Evaluation Tab to Companies file

It now is possible to have the evaluation tab available in the company file. To enable the tab the system administrator simply needs to add one or more table items for the table 'Evaluation Company'. Like it is for candidates and matches, it is possible to add a standard text to this table item.

Configuration profiles

Tasks are added to the configuration profile. It now is possible to hide fields, require fields or set fields read-only in a task. Meetings and Notes will follow in upcoming releases.

Candidates + contacts name: hide, set required and read only conditionally by status for seperate name fields (except surname which is by default a mandatory field).

Address fields (all entities): Set Read-Only or Required in function of status per seperate field in the address section. The entire set of address fields can be hidden in function of status.

Linking emails to related files for duplicate email addresses has changed

Carerix automatically links incoming email to existing files with the same email address as the incoming message is sent from. If there are multiple candidates and/or contacts in the database that have registered the same email address the system randomly linked messages to one of the contact or candidate files. This is undesired behaviour and we adapted this. The system now no longer automatically links a message coming in from an email address that has been registered more than one time. Instead we offer the opportunity to link the message manually to the correct file. Of course: in case the email address exists only once, the message will automatically be linked to the correct file.

User Roles & Email: limit All Sent & All Received Tabs to user office only

With this release it becomes possible to limit the all sent and all received tabs to the user office instead of all offices.

NEO UI/UX: Previews for Companies & Contacts

New previews will be implemented for companies & contacts:

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Don't Like:

New Features

  • Added 'Contains all' operator for search line Education.Education


  • Removed totals calculation for 'other' in timesheet print template


  • Name suffix issue for Belgium apps

  • Autosave Draft overwrites Sent message

  • Field conditions (mandatory/hide) in function of status or procedure do not apply before changes are being saved

  • Save Column order in Activity Tab of detail screens

  • Show colums 'Type' and Company in Task overview

Bo Stevens January 24th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.163 - Roadmap: Extension of Configuration Profiles

To extend the possibilities of process implementation Carerix is focussing on the features and options in the configuration profiles. More fields can be hidden or set mandatory. Recently we added the option to make fields mandatory or hidden in relation to procedure (vacancies and candidates). During Q1 2017 we will further expand the configuration profiles and its possibilities.

The following features have been added to your Carerix configuration profile and become available from today:

All phone number fields have been made available for options to make them mandatory (also in function of status):

  • Several double fields have been added to be set required (or hidden) independent from each other (eg Functiongroup & Function)

Several double fields have been added to be set required (or hidden) independent from each other (eg Functiongroup & Function)

The list of fields that can be hidden or set mandatory in relation to their status or procedure has been extended as well.

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Don't Like:

New Features

  • Template editor now available in Designer Parts


  • For Neo UX user interface new preview templates for meetings, tasks and notes are released


  • MIssing tables in Textkernel Extraction have been fixed

  • Small bugfix in new preview screen of job order: wrong display of publication text headers in job order preview

  • Malfunctioning of simple extraction service (add candidate, 1st option) for some .PDF and .docx files was fixed

Bo Stevens January 3rd, 2017

Update: Update: cxLinkedInbrowser

Since LinkedIn is rolling out their new user interface our cxLinkedInbrowser experienced some problems.

In a new release ( we fixed this. This new release is compatible with both versions of LinkedIn.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. Your browser plugin will check for updates automatically multiple times a day. If an update is available it will be installed automatically as well.

My LinkedInbrowser is still not working

Sometimes auto update of Google Chrome Extensions is not working, this is a known issue. If this is the case you can manually update your Google Chrome Browser plugin. To do so, take the following steps:

1. In your Chrome browser go to your Chrome extensions

save image

2. Make sure that you checked the box 'Developer mode'

save image

3. Click the button 'Update extensions now'

4. Check your extension list if your Carerix LinkedIn/Xing extension is updated to release version

5. Your LinkedInBrowser is up-to-date again! Still experience problems? Let us know via