Releases involving Arco Westbroek

Arco Westbroek December 27th, 2016

New Feature: Carerix Release 5.0.161 - Include/Exclude individual searchlines by snoozing instead of deleting

To improve the user experience with our Carerix search engine it becomes possible to easily leave out individual search lines temporary without having to delete them. By adding checkboxes at the end of each line a user can snooze a searchline/condition by checking the box. The search result will be adapted accordingly. Snoozed lines will be remembered by the system according to already existing functionality.


Other features, updates and bugfixes in release 5.0.161:


  • Additional fields available on the desired tab of the candidate file

  • Email preview: added to + cc to preview header

  • Job Order preview: added name of matched candidate in matches overview + tool tip with match stage

  • The field declaration type in a timesheet is enlarged


  • Fixed source tracking bug in Wordpress Plugin version 36

  • Fixed triggered e-mail on candidate created: sent twice

Arco Westbroek December 13th, 2016

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.160 - Duplicate check on email address and phone number for manually added candidates

When candidates are added manually an extra check on phone number and email address will be done. Therefore, in the new wizard those fields are added. Adding a phone number will search in all phone number fields (business, business mobile, home and home mobile).

Updated New Previews

Based on your feedback we have further improved current new preview screen. Spacing of the header and the footer of the preview is smaller. In this way we generate more space for functional information.

Other features, updates and bugfixes in release 5.0.160

New Features

  • CVMonitor ( integration for Dutch customers is in pilot


  • Added the column home mobile to the contact overview

  • Enlarged the field Diploma Title in the education section of the candidate

  • Added label name next to address fields

  • InGoedeBanen: added Publication medium to the integration for multilingual publications


  • Some additional fields gave an error when searching

  • Match previews shows incorrect age

Arco Westbroek November 29th, 2016

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.159 - Search in match stage history

We added a search functionality for historical match stages.

Carerix has been logging the history of a particular match for quite some time already. Until now it was not possible to search for matches in historical stages, only for the current stage. We have now created the opportunity to search for matches that have been in a specific stage during a given period of time. All matches that have been in this specific stage (at some point) will show in the search result. The matches show - obviously - their current status.

The flow works as follows:

  1. Go to the matches menu
  2. Set search filter to 'stages history'. Use the drop down menu to select the particular stage (icon at the end of the search line. Note: you can select only one stage at a time if you want to search in stages history)

  3. Select match stage you want to search for and set desired period of time
  4. The search result will show all matches that are or have been in the selected stage in the given period of time. Both matches that still are in the particular stage and matches that are already set to another stage show up in your search result

Other features, updates and bugfixes in release 5.0.159:

New Features

  • Added new e-mail template "seasons greetings" to template library


  • In Configuration profile we added the possibility to create mandatory fields and hidden fields depending on Job order Procedure

  • In Configuration profile you can configure fields that belong to Documents panel in Candidate admin tab

  • Updated trigger time options with 365 days option


  • MergePDF did not open correct in specific situations

  • Multiple CV Import created sometimes empty candidates