Bo Stevens February 8th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.164 - New Previews and Overview Designs for NEO UX user interface & Set fields Read-only in configuration profiles

In the latest Carerix update the following topics have been released:

New Previews and Overview Designs for NEO UX user interface

For all Carerix systems operating with the NEO UX user interface Carerix is gradually introducing new preview screens and overviews to further improve the user experience. To enhance user experience the user interface is gradually changing according to Google's Material Design philosofy. In this latest update the following previews are updated:

  • Email
  • Companies
  • Tasks
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Matches
  • Candidates
  • Job Orders
New design for candidate preview:

New design for candidate overview:

Other previews (e.g. placements, companies, contacts and leads & opportunities) will follow over the upcoming updates. Please note that in-file previews (e.g. matches tab in a candidate file or search candidates tab in a job order file) will not be updated yet.

How do I know if I have NEO UX user interface enabled?

In NEO UX user interface Carerix has changed a few things slightly. The menu and top of the screen have changed in looks and some functionality has been moved. The key changes are the quick search bar that in NEO UX is situated in the top center instead of in top of the menu on the left. Moreover, reports and dashboards links have been moved to the icons on the right of the top bar.

As an admin you can check whether you have the NEO UX user interface as follows:

1. Go to your system settings through the menu 'Settings', than go to the header 'NEO UX'

2. If you have the NEO UX user interface activated the setting 'enableUIDesign' is YES

If the setting indicates NO, one can use the button Activate to automatically transit to 'NEO UX'. The new user interface than will be available after re-login or - at the latest - after nightly restart of the systems.

Set fields Read-only in configuration profiles

As part of a bigger project related to the configuration profiles Carerix introduces the possibility to set fields read-only. By making fields read-only for all or some of your configuration profiles one can protect the functioning of interfaces and data quality.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.164

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New Features

  • Added: searchline for stagegroup in Job Order file, tab Matches

  • Added: searchline for Document ID/Number

  • Leads & Opportunities: Address details will be automatically copied from the company file - as is the case with new job orders


  • Bug fix: Anonymous joborder should remove company information from publication feeds

  • Bug fix: Missing table items in Textkernel Extraction