Arco Westbroek April 18th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.170 - International search for distance home-work location, translation module and primary email address

In this Carerix Release (5.0.170) the following updates are included:

International search for distance home-work location

The new functionality enables the majority of our international customers to search on distance between postal codes. Also for Dutch customers that operate in border areas it becomes possible to search for candidates, job orders or companies cross border.

Old situation, only with portal code:

New situation, postal code and country:

For more information you can use this knowledge base article.

Translations module

It's possible to change Carerix label names like Job order or Candidates in Vacancy or Professionals. This will help adopt Carerix even better because it reflects your name philosophy.

In the Default tab you see all existing label names. If you want to change 1 name you can copy the Default, after that it will be visible in the Custom tab and you are able to change it for each system language
Note: when finished changing please use Apply translations button to update your Carerix and make the changes visible for all users.

Primary email address

What to do when a candidate has several email addresses or a freelancer with home and work email addresses and they prefer to receive emails on 1 specific email address?

From now on you can set 1 primary email address for a candidate or contact.

Note: this will overrule the email template settings like use home email, work or other. It will always use the primary email address when 1 is selected (if none selected it will use email template settings).

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.170

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  • For Dutch customers who are using CVMonitor we added new CVMonitor dashboard for a complete overview of outstanding requests


  • Check 'use visiting address' in New Company Wizard does not fill invoice and email address

  • LinkedIn Browser name prefixes in first name field, phone number used from similar profiles