Bo Stevens March 21st, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.167 - Full copy of Job Orders, Anonymize archived candidates & New Configuration Profile possibilities

In the latest Carerix Release the following updates are included:

Privacy Legislation: Anonymize archived candidates

Over the past year Carerix already added some new features that can help you to fullfill legal requirements for the storage of personal information. As European and national laws become more strict recruitment software needs to support recruitment agencies and corporate organisations in meeting legal requirements. We already introduced the anonymization tool. However, this tool only was available for active candidate records. We now have enabled the posibility to anonymize archived candidate records too!

If you go to your archived tab you can make a selection of candidates. Once a selection was made the Anonymize button becomes available. It is also possible to use the action menu or to anonymize when within a candidate file.

Anonymizing a candidate record will result in deleting all information that can lead to identification of the person involved: names will be reduced to just the first letter of the name, contact details are erased and also attachments will be deleted.

Please note: it might be possible the archive tab is only available for system administrators.

Create a full copy of a Job Order

Untill today the function to copy a job order only included a limited set of fields to be copied. A full copy literally is a full copy: almost everything will be copied except for uniquely job order related linked files like matches and placements. Carerix for a long time already offered the opportunity to make copies of existing job orders, but this copy includes only basic information. Contact persons, invoice information and also fields were not copied. Often it still is desirable to have this information copied, so we introduce the full copy.

Information that strictly belongs to a unique job order still will not be copied. A match is unique and a placement or publication is too. Those entities will not be copied with a full copy.

What will be copied with a full copy:

  • all fields on all tabs
  • related contact persons
  • relation with company

What will not be copied:

  • matches
  • placements
  • activities
  • publications
  • invoice lines

Please note: the old way of copying a job order still excists and is available via the new job order wizard.

Email-address validation

This release introduces a long awaited qualifier for newly entered email addresses. From now on all email addresses that are entered in Carerix should comply to the usual formats for email addresses (e.g. something@something.something, something.something@something.something something.something@something.something.something etc.)

Please note: this rule only applies for newly entered email addresses. Existing invalid email address fields will not be affected by this update. This to prevent users from being blocked by invalid (old) information.

Search on matches in a job order and set stage option: only show match stages that belong to the applicable procedure

To improve the user experience the search for matches in a job order matches tab and the set stage option (bottom matches tab in a job order file) is adapted in a way that it only shows match stages that belong to the procedure that is set in the job order. Before it showed al possible stages, also for procedures other than the current job order's procedure which did not make sense.

Configuration profile: added all options for attribute fields in all entities

To further improve the configuration profile functionality in Carerix all types of configuration (hide, read-only, required (in new-wizard) ) have been applied to additional fields in all entities.

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  • NEO UI/UX - Email preview: Problem with display of logo's and other images fixed

  • LinkedInBrowser: fixed the problem of importing wrong email addresses from LinkedIn Profile page

  • Send list wizard: fixed a bug with the select all functionality which was missing

  • Configuration Profile: fixed several small bugs