Bo Stevens November 14th, 2017

Update: Carerix Release 5.0.185 - In-app help and Carerix notifications, Talentpools in Configuration profiles and more...

This two weekly Carerix release update is a pre-release note. We would like to give you more insights in upcoming changes and give you the opportunity and time to prepare/adapt to upcoming feature releases, updates and bug fixes. In two weeks from now this update will be live.

In this Carerix Release (5.0.185) the following updates are included:

In app help and Carerix notifications

As you probably already have noticed Carerix is using new technologies to notify you within the Carerix system. With the new notifications we are able to present you more relevant news. It mainly will be used to notify you about new releases, but it also gives us the opportunity to give you targeted information on specific (new) features.

Additionally we are using a new tool that enables in-app help. This tool is accessible through the new question mark icon on top of your screen, next to your username and the existing icons for dashboards and reports. The new tool will help us providing easier access to product and feature manuals and other Carerix information. It also will help us with some multi-lingual challenges. At the moment there is only limited information available, but this will gradually increase over time. The existing Knowledge base as you know it will stay in place for the moment.

See files and activities of subsidiary companies clearly distinguished at the mother company

We introduce the new checkbox 'Include subsidiaries' on the overview tabs in company files. By ticking this checkbox one can toggle on/off the option to show records that are linked to subsidiaries (child-companies). It gives you quicker, integral overviews of contacts, job orders, matches, placements and activities of all the first level subsidiaries that are linked to the particular company you are looking at. Files that belong to a subsidiary are marked with a subsidiary-icon so it can easily be distinguished from native records.

Screenshot 1: click on the link button in a company file to establish mother-/child relationships between companies

Screenshot 2: tick the checkbox 'Include subsidiaries' to toggle on/off the visibility of first level subsidiary

Talentpools added to configuration profiles

Talentpools and talentpool matches have been made available in configuration profiles. The fields and tabs in this particular part of the system now are available for specific conditions like hide fields or make fields required.

Navigate with your browsers back and forth buttons and use the green back button after drilling down in a dashboard!

Much requested and finaly there: use your browsers back and forth buttons to navigate through Carerix. Also the green button now operates after drilling down to a (e.g. candidate) record, so one can navigate back to the dashboard easily and is not forced to recall it via the menu.

Feedback on Carerix version 5.0.185

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New Features

  • | New in-app help tool Elevio will help you to have faster access to (help) information and manuals about new and existing functionalities in Carerix

  • Companies | See files and activities of your subsidiaries in the overview tabs of the mother company


  • Dashboards | Use the green back button to go back to your dashboard after drilling down to a file (candidate, match, job order etc.)

  • General Navigation | Use your browsers back and forth buttons to navigate within Carerix

  • Search | Added a setting which includes Job Title fields when searching for function (main)

  • Talentpools | Added Talentpools and Talentpool matches to the configuration profiles


  • Cx5 Dashboard | Fixed a bug in the matches panel of the CX5 Dashboard, counting the number of days since the creation of the match while this should be the number of days since the last modification.

  • Configuration Profile | Fixed a bug with mandatory fields in the new wizard not being mandatory

  • Calendar Invites | Fixed a bug with .ics files providing an opt-in for meetings that did not work anymore when clicking yes or no.